Our Story

Slideways is a creation by brother and sister team, David and Jennifer Thomas. These siblings are merely foodies with culinary backgrounds and creativity which are showcased in every slider. Creating recipes with tons of flavor is their passion. So they thought to themselves, why can’t the freshest ingredients, oozing with flavor and packed between gourmet buns be fast? They think it can! But, they decided to go a step further and solve one more age-old dilemma (all in a day’s work, right?). Have you ever gone to a restaurant where you wanted to try everything on the menu? Now you can! Well, at least three or four, depending on your appetite. By creating sliders instead of a regular burger the customer has the opportunity to try more than one, and as you’ll see the creativity is endless. So go classic or crazy, healthy or indulgent…either way the flavor will keep you yearning for that next bite!

This Atlanta born and raised team is no stranger to good eats in this city, grandchildren of Earl Thomas, owner and founder of Thomas Restaurant, a well-known southern staple in the State Farmers Market for over 40 years. David and Jennifer, along with their five other siblings were working in the restaurant before they could see over the order counter. Guess you could say it’s in their blood.

After working in the hospitality industry over the years in various capacities, the family duo kept coming back to this concept, as well as a common love; juicy and delicious sliders jam-packed with flavor. So please come share in their passion and experience their dream. Come eat Slideways with us!